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Catedral de San Pedro Apostol

The metropolitan cathedral is located in front of the General Central Park Luis Alonso Barahona of the city of San Pedro Sula, Third Avenue Barrio El Centro, its building is in Latin cross, with vaults that support a central dome, which is surrounded with the paintings of The apostles

The facade is complemented by two bell towers on both sides, the main door facing west and two doors facing both north and south, for access to the Catholic parishioners, the main altar is embedded with its respective altarpiece in one of the edges. Large windows with Christian figures, rise above the main walls of the nave in cross, giving an enhancement and letting the luminosity into the cathedral. The dimensions of the cathedral are as follows: 66 meters by 35 meters, approximately 27 meters high.

2 3 Avenida SO 21104 San Pedro Sula Honduras

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